Management Advisory & Consultancy

We carefully structure, orchestrate and incept the changes your organization needs to make by prioritizing the most important aspect of your business to the least important and working on them meticulously. Our management advisory and consultancy services include general management consultancy, management information system, system design & control, liaison services, business advisory services and effective transformation of management. Having worked with various clients from both domestic as well as international sectors, we have drawn remarkable experience and valuable knowledge that defines our working philosophy behind our key comprehension strategies for adding value to our clients’ businesses. At MD Management & Finance Consultancy, we make sure that we have all the necessary resources to meet our clients’ unique needs and requirements.

We believe in keeping & building long term association with our valued clients.

MD Management & Finance Consultancy provides a wide range of specialist management consultancy services in India and abroad. Our management-consulting professionals can help you identify, understand and solve the major challenges that stand in the way of your organization’s growth and progress. They will work with you as colleagues, shoulder-to-shoulder until they have delivered the results that matter for your business. From reviewing any document or transaction like the loan, contract, agreement, deed or even financial website to scrutinizing the on-going deals and business activities, our management advisory panel never leaves any stone unturned and goes through anything and everything to have a better vision for your business. We also help you create transparent business reports for your stakeholders and investors.

Costing ,Budgeting And Accounting System Design And Review

Be it a multi-level enterprise or a brand new start-up, to keep the business operational, it's very important to have an efficient accounting practice to effectively manage its financial performance. In a nutshell, to keep any business and its finances on track, costing and budgeting should be regularly carried out. MD Management & Finance Consultancy delivers in-depth and well-defined accounting solutions like costing, budgeting, accounting system design, restructuring and reviewing of the same for its clients all around the globe. We assist our clients in developing and installing these efficient and result-oriented accounting systems that can help their management in the progressive decision-making process and thereby creating a clearer and better vision for their companies.
Costing & Budgeting – The Backbone of any successful business.
MD Management & Finance Consultancy is among the top financial and accounting consultants in Gujarat that meticulously evaluates and manages the overall costing and budgetary data and comes up with the best-suited accounting solutions for the company. Some of the fundamentals of the systematic accounting are standard costing, unit-based costing, activity-based costing, stock valuation, budget report and analysis and comprehensive pricing structure of the products and services. Converting these fundamentals altogether into a cohesive process that enhances the overall performance of your business doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming at all. All it takes is a well-structured plan, which is dynamic and essentially involves everyone connected to the company.
Budgetory Control System & Variance Analysis

With our well-experienced and highly qualified team of advisors, we can deliver in-depth variance analysis and help our clients establish a well-defined budgetary control system for their company. Our ingenious resources help us create a systematized budgetary control system for revenue-based items as well as capital-based item optimizing the profitability of our clients. Being one of the top-notch budgetary and variance analysts in India, MD Management & Finance Consultancy offers a thorough analysis and budgetary solutions in India. Budgetary control system and variance analysis process are some of the great tools found to be very useful in managing the overall business and keeping it on track.

Budgeting and variance analysis provides key insights for long-lasting growth of any organization.

Enterprises and businesses should have a well-planned budget that lays out the company’s future course of activities. It helps in identifying the source of sales and areas where the funds can be used to achieve those sales with the only motive of generating profit. Management in most of the companies are often concerned with the factors responsible for various deviations between the proposed budgets and actual outputs, and therefore, a thorough understanding of such variations plays a vital role in budgeting process while providing the expected advantages in planning and control. We at MD Management & Finance Consultancy propose a guided use of variance analysis framework to explain such deviations.


Financial Risk Analysis & Advisory

MD Management & Finance Consultancy provides financial risk analysis and advisory to the companies from all verticals. Our professionals with their objective solutions help our clients in increasing the overall operational efficiency and strengthening the internal controls of their organization. This eventually ensures a smoother, better and long-lasting performance of the company. From identifying the risk to evaluating and prioritizing them, we undertake an overall evaluation of the business risk to establish the scope and vision of the work. Accessing the company’s risk controls, we evaluate how any organization manages the key business risk as highlighted in generated risk assessment. As a part of an audit, our experts also seek to identify and recognize the potential opportunities that can improve the overall control and key business processes.

Identifying business risks and issues is as important as running the business itself.

Every organization, big or small, faces operational, financial, technological and strategic challenges. Thus, we at MD Management & Finance Consultancy provide business risk services in India and abroad to help the companies identify, determine and troubleshoot the potential risks. Prioritizing the risk, we provide well-defined and industry-specific means of determining the key issues and areas of tactical focus for the company and soon after our team obtains a clear picture of your business and its possible risks, we design several tests and analysis to address any residual audit risk. The scope and timing of our final risk audit completely depend on the nature of the risk and the results of our advisory testimonials. Our financial risk analysis and advisory services are strategically designed to provide the maximum benefits for multi-level companies, enterprises, and MSMEs.

The objective of understanding the business is to produce a risk map that plots the significance and likelihood of each business risk.

The risk map serves as the platform for determining all subsequent audit work because all subsequent work is focused on addressing the key risks plotted on the map. To develop the risk map we go through the following stages.


Finance / Accounting / Virtual CFO services

Considering the volatile dynamics of the global economic system, it has become a mandatory condition for every business to integrate their non-core financial services to establish a certain competitive edge over it. Finance and accounting services offered by MD Management & Finance Consultancy are outlined to fulfill clients’ unique and challenging requirements. We help our clients in setting up the controls and compliances for their business, cutting down their cash cycle & unnecessary expenses, equalizing expenditure and growth and thereby increasing their overall ROI. Every client is equally important for us irrespective of the size and the background of our clients. We seek to serve them all in the most efficient and privileged manner. With all our knowledge and experience, we are dedicated to helping businesses make the right decisions at the right time in the right way.

Unlock the doors of opportunities with our Accounting & Virtual CFO services.

MD Management & Finance Consultancy provides dedicated & highly synchronized Virtual CFO services in India and abroad helping companies and enterprises in achieving sustainable growth in today’s highly competitive environment. We deliver accurate and efficient financial strategies ensuring optimal growth and maximum ROI for our clients’ businesses. Our virtual CFO team is well organized and committed to working in line with our clients helping them gain all the possible benefits of having Virtual CFO Services by one of the leading financial and accounting consultant in India. With our comprehensive insights and in-depth analysis, our strategic planning becomes highly opportunistic and high-yielding for businesses. We endeavor to collaborate with our clients in their journey and help them achieve their businesses goals with ease in time.


Book keeping and Accounting Services
MD Management & Finance Consultancy is well-known for its professional bookkeeping services and support with the systemized process. Businesses these days, irrespective of the industry sector it operates in, require well-structured bookkeeping for effective financial management. Our well-experienced team of accountants works as a virtual back-office to your business delivering essential accounting and bookkeeping services in India and abroad. We are very strict with the privacy and understand well its value and thus we make it sure that all the data and information are kept with us in a highly secure and confidential way. Leverage the overall performance of your business with our bookkeeping, financial accounting & reporting, and back-office services. Enjoy scalable and hassle-free bookkeeping with us, anywhere anytime.

Choosing us for Bookkeeping & Accounting is choosing Peace-of-mind for yourself.

Bookkeeping and Accounting are the two most underrated yet highly important aspects to expand and manage your business successfully. Our key objective is to help small-sized, MSME as well as large enterprises to reduce the amount of overall time spent on non-essential and redundant tasks and making more of their valuable resources available in time. The bookkeeping and accounting services provided by MD Management & Finance Consultancy is well structured, cost-effective and designed to streamline core business operations. Being one of the prominent cloud service providers in India, our clients can easily stay connected with us and collaborate with the bookkeepers and accountant effortlessly. With us taking care of your books and accounts, stay ahead of the competition with full focus on your core business activities.


IT and SystemAdvisory

Organizations of all shapes and sizes from all the verticals are finding themselves at a crossroads as digital and emerging technologies flood the market. MD Management & Finance Consultancy understands these challenges well and practices different and effective approaches to solve these disruptions. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of IT advisory, business, and operational services in India. Our solutions are highly secured, flexible and leverage the corporate management strategies at its best. We also create and provide an extensive portfolio of IT advisory solutions and services that can protect and enhance the critical business activities, functions, and assets of any organization. Depending on the unique requirements of clients, we design and develop IT audit functions and plans for their organization.

A well-functioning IT infrastructure energizes the overall performance of any business.

Our IT & System advisory services cover the technical aspects like computer security, IT application systems and their control review, data analysis, fraud detection, privacy & security, IT staff augmentation & IT audits – external and internal, IT policies, disaster recovery, software and hardware assistance and so on. With the advancement in the technologies, the rate of cybercrime is also increasing causing millions of dollars annually to the companies worldwide. At MD Management & Finance Consultancy, our solution consultants, technical specialists, network architects, and project managers are driven to deliver your targeted business outcomes whether they are innovative and inventive or simply establish an operational system that performs with maximum efficiency. Being independent of any hardware and software suppliers, our results are unique, practical and efficiently effective.


INDAS/ IFRS Consultancy

IFRS or The International Financial Reporting Standards are a set of global accounting standards developed and maintained by the International Accounting Standards Board for the preparation and development of public company financial statements. With multidisciplinary capabilities in the industry and the talented pool of IFRS professionals,MD Management & Finance Consultancy provides IFRS conversion and reporting services in India and abroad for clients to create an impactful presence in the international market. We make sure that our clients plan their business activities only after understanding the transition process and anticipate the challenges that may come across while using IFRS standards. Our services include IFRS implementation services, evaluating the potential impact of IFRS on the business, implementing strategic plans for carrying out the IFRS conversions, developing a roadmap for sustainability, designing the overall control framework, conducting statutory financial reporting process and reporting advisory services.

Increase the quality and transparency of your financial information with our IFRS Services.

MD Management & Finance Consultancy has an esteemed IFRS taskforce, which has worked with various multinational companies on full IFRS conversion as well as assisting MSMEs and smaller companies in assessing the impact of IFRS and dealing with conversion challenges. Our dedicated team of IFRS has remarkable experience from a large number of IFRS conversion and reporting engagements, which have been executed over the past several years. Our professionals have come across the board experience in advising clients over the IFRS conversion and executing their complex and challenging situations and thereby providing valuable assistance with various facets of IFRS implementation process. We help our clients in successfully managing and preparing for the changes while undergoing IFRS conversions. We work towards aligning the overall business processes and reporting requirements as per the IFRS Requirements making the IFRS conversion a monumental step for our clients’ businesses.

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