Pre & Post IPO Advisory

Pre-IPO Activities

One of the strategic options for further development of the company is the public offering of shares. Our pre-IPO services are designed to help ease clients’ transition from the private to the public world. We provide the following pre-IPO advisory services:

  • • Assessment of the prospects of public offering in comparison to other possibilities of capital raising or company sale
  • • Analysis of target capital markets, including the assessment of trends and key factors that influence the development of capital markets and may affect the public offering
  • • Appraisal of the prospects of public offering and the necessary steps to be taken, which include:
  • • analysis of restructuring procedures
  • • overview of the most important steps of owners and managers in the decision-making process
  • • assessment of costs associated with public offering of shares (including the assessment of manager involvement)
  • • risk analysis
  • • Evaluation of management involvement in the IPO activities
  • • Business valuation in view of future business prospects and stock market multiples
  • • Evaluation of investment attractiveness of the company and industry
  • • Adoption of measures to increase business value

On the basis of the above-mentioned activities the client is informed of all procedures and activities necessary for a successful public offering of shares, allowing him to adopt an informed decision regarding this strategic possibility.


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