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MD Management & Finance Consultancy helps secure project finance on the best suitable terms available from financial institutions for projects in various industrial sectors. We help our clients prepare detailed project financial models with sensitivity and in-depth scenario analysis. We also support them in putting together initial term sheets and in identifying and shortlisting a target list of potential lenders for their valuable projects that include national and international banks, export credit agencies, private equity funds, venture capitalists, financial organizations and other sources. Our project advisory and financing services are designed for multinational companies, public sector & private sector organizations, large-scale enterprises, MSMEs, startups, and individual entrepreneurs. We help them by advising about their need for finances by assessing their short-term as well as long-term fund flow status.

From doing the right project to doing the project right, we are always with you.

Known for its cutting edge project finance advisory & consultancy services, MD Management & Finance Consultancy is now considered among the top project finance advisors in India. We advise our clients throughout the capital raising process and often get involved at the very early stage of the project development to support them during the negotiation process as well. We ensure that the proposed commercial arrangements are conducive enough to implement on the practical level in the context of a limited recourse financing strategy. We provide privileged assistance to our clients that facilitate ongoing improvement to the programs and projects through well-organized management governance and processes. We are globally recognized as a leading expert in advising both private and public entities for financing some of their major capital investment projects. With the proven experience in structuring complex project financings and executing them successfully, we are now one of the best project finance advisors in India.


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Venture Capital and Private Equity

At MD Management & Finance Consultancy, we assist our clients in structuring their fund in the most tax-efficient way. With the global network outreach, vast portfolio data, deep industry expertise, and operating executive consultants, we can advise our clients strategically and progressively for wiser and more valuable investments. Playing a significant role in helping enterprises and organizations realize their overall growth potential, we establish value by enhancing their performance and identifying great opportunities by providing capital resources and supporting actively their management teams. We are the professional venture capital and private equity consultants in India with the highly efficient and result-oriented working approach that helps our clients grow their core business potentially. We understand well what makes corporate venture funds successful, both financially and strategically.

More than just Capital, we provide Superintendence towards greater success.

MD Management & Finance Consultancy offers professional guidance to its clients in launching new initiatives, making transformative acquisitions, undertaking reformative steps, upgrading technologies & systems and fetching potential investors to support their long-term vision to succeed. We provide early-stage and late-stage venture capital financing services through direct-indirect investments and funds. We also provide developmental support and management guidance for high-intensity business opportunities and long-term growth. With our full range of financial solutions and products across the overall venture capital value chain, we have achieved unassailable investment horizon and deep knowledge of business in both developing as well as developed countries. This has made us one of the prominent and leading financial consultants in India. This has made us deeply connected to venture eco-systems around the globe.

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